Masud Ali Mugshot Online & Rap Sheet

Masud Ali, middle name Omar, from West Saint Paul, Minnesota

Ali Omar Masud

Screenshots being circulated today on Social Media


Masud Ali arrest records
Masud Ali (masudaliii) rap sheet 44525255

Most of the crimes are for traffic and parking violations. His most recent case record is dated January 12, 2018.

One conviction was for misdemeanor theft — court resolution notes include what appears to be a no-trespassing order “from WSP Walmart” (West Saint Paul Walmart). Sentencing was on 11/25/2015 during which a payment plan was instituted. A reminder notice was sent on 1/12/2016. A probation violation hearing was set for 3/1/2017. A warrant was issued on 05/31/2017 and quashed on 06/5/2017. Another probation violation hearing occurred on 10/05/2017 during which time the defendant admitted to the violation and paid the $360 total financial assessment. The judicial officer was Judge Richelle M. Wahi.

Masud Ali Walmart

More screenshots will be added to this page after review.

As the Somali saying goes:

Waran Kugu Soo Noqon doona lama Rido. Don’t throw a spear that can come back to you.

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