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died unexpectedly


If you would like to help research the jab status of a decedent, please click the link for the search results below, pick a name/case, and try to find out (without making unnecessary contact with their family or friends).

For example, you can just browse their publicly available social media to see whether they have a sticker.

This is just for a cursory amateurish epidemiological overview. Whether they are injected or not injected does not imply anything definitive of course. It’s just one datapoint that may give future generations a rough idea if there may be a tiny possible correlation or none at all.

You can use the comments section of the post page to leave a bland statement (please avoid saying anything emotional or incendiary) about what you’ve found out about that particular case.

Or better yet, use the contact form on the contact page to privately send us the results of your research.

Screenshots and links are appreciated. Thank you, and may the nattokinase be with you.