Dr. Arpad Sooky

The dreams I had were extremely vivid, and were very odd in that it was like watching a movie and hitting the pause button when I woke up: the dreams picked up exactly where they left off the night before.

Dr. Arpad Sooky

August 20, 2018

My funds for starting the One Religion were wiped out by an internet scam, along with almost every last penny that I owned.

August 6, 2017

The One Religion

The One Religion is centered around the core belief that all religions are describing and teaching the same religion, they are just re-phrasing the same messages from different viewpoints and giving different names to the same “God”. Because the scriptures those religions are based on are ancient, they are so archaic to the present average person that years (if not a lifetime) of intense study are needed to understand them. Those scriptures were written so far in the past that the world, our lives, and our languages have changed drastically since they were written and the meanings and lessons became lost in time, to the point that even most expert scholars do not agree with each other about many things. In our present-day chaotic lives, very few people have the resources to devote their entire lives to try to understand them. The scriptures are so difficult to understand now, that intentional and unintentional misinterpretation of them has become quite common, giving rise to radical religions and crusades which were not the original intent and meaning of those religions. These misinterpretations will only increase with time and lead to our demise unless we realize our folly and join together in order to fight the corruption.

The One Rule

Belief in a “creator” or higher power, and in your soul passing on to some other form of existence after you die is optional because as long as you follow the One Rule (the Golden Rule, i.e. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”), it is not necessary for you to believe in a higher being or an afterlife to reach the afterlife. It is encouraged to study all religions though, because it is believed that the more you meditate on all religions (trying to find the good messages they all have, while trying to filter out the corruptions that people have injected into them over time) and in general on everything in life, the more you will believe in a higher power and in your soul continuing to exist in some form other than your physical body after your death.  All good religions are equal in that they are all describing the same God, just using different labels or calling God a different name (i.e. Allah, Jahweh, etc.) or in other ways that they have been corrupted by people. God does not care what you call him, because he is a good god.  Nor does he care if you spell his name with a lowercase letter or curse him.

If God would be so power-hungry and consumed by pride that he/she demanded that his/her name be spelled with a capital letter, or demand that the beings that he/she created spend their lives constantly repeating in their minds and out loud how great he/she is with memorized prayers and by repeatedly visiting buildings that some humans designated as “holy temples to the creator” or “churches” where they sing about, study about, and express their undying loyalty and devotion to him/her, do you think that he/she would have allowed people to get away with not doing those things all these years?

Don’t you think that if God were such a megalomaniacal and controlling god that he would take offense if somebody wrote his/her name with a lowercase letter, then he/she would immediately show people who the boss is and set things straight when people stepped out of line, instead of letting them get their way for the entirety of their lives and only receive punishment after they die? Don’t forget, the very concept of God implies an omnipotent and omniscient being, which means that he could “strike you down” as soon as you commit any “sin”.

Do you really believe that a TRULY omniscient and omnipotent being has any need for such petty, negative feelings of power lust, greed, and pride? Don’t you think that a *good* omniscient, omnipotent all-mighty being would instead want his/her creations to enjoy their short yet precious lives that he gifted them with and enjoy exploring the astoundingly beautiful playground that he/she created for them, instead of wasting their entire lives singing about how great their God is?

Don’t you think that he would want his creations to enjoy what he gave them, instead of spending their lives killing people who they think don’t believe in their version of God, all while ruining and destroying / sinking the beautiful boat (read: planet) that they were lucky enough to have been born onto, before they can get off of it and ensure that the amazing lifeforms inhabiting their planet don’t eradicate themselves completely?

God does not possess such “evil” emotions that would make her/him/it care about whether or not its name is capitalized, what gender it is designated, or even that it is referred to as genderless, because that would mean that God IS an evil megalomaniacal god instead of a good god. So from now on, i will refer not only to god with a lowercase, but also myself, because i am also not so vain that i demand my name to be capitalized out of respect. Respect can be shown and is better shown by actions, not by capitalization. Because god is “good”, he is not so vain that he demands that all life on this planet stop what it’s doing and pray to it every day at an exact time every day. Those rituals were created by men with good intentions: to make people appreciate what they have on a daily basis.  So if you want to follow such rituals, then by all means you can do so, but remember that god won’t mind if you don’t, so don’t impose your beliefs on others if they choose not to. Let them find their own path.

From this basic foundation of the One Religion, there are many implications and corollaries:

All religions have valuable lessons to teach because they all have truth in them. Studying and meditating on all known existing and future religions until you die is highly encouraged, including but not limited to all forms of Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Mormonism, Shintoism, Sikh, Ba’ha’ism, Jainism, Native American religions, Scientology, as well as science, Yoga, all forms of vegan/vegetarianism, Karate, Thai Kwan Do, Thai Chi, and any other non-“religious” cores of life. However, if you interpret any of them to mean something that would contradict the One Rule, then you have either misinterpreted it, or they were already corrupted in some fashion.

A healthy soul can only remain healthy if the body it inhabits is also healthy. Daily meditation, exercise, a healthy diet, and frequent massage are necessary for health of the mind and body, and therefore are so important that they are considered a part of and a pillar of the One Religion. Adopting a diet similar to what our ancestors consumed is a good start, because our diets dictated (in part) what evolution produced. This means eating (at most) a piece of meat the size of the hole that your thumb and index finger make when you make the OK sign once per week. If consuming meat, then ensuring that it was humanely treated during its life and gently euthanized is important to not violate the One Rule. Consumption of dairy products is only suggested if it has been processed through natural conversion to another form such as cheese, butter, sour cream, etc because the milk of other species was not evolutionarily meant for human consumption and a mountain of research by now has shown that it has no benefit and can cause only harm because of hormone cross-reactivity between different species and contaminants such as antibiotics. A diet consisting of the entire rainbow of organic (meaning: naturally grown using techniques identical to farming pre-1800) raw fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts is suggested, but there are no strict rules to diet except to eat much less than we have been (at the most the same amount that people were eating up to the end of the 19th century), consuming as little processed food as possible, using moderation and discretion to not cause harm to your body, and keeping your mind open by tasting and trying to like all potentially healthy plants on this planet at least 100 times throughout your life (even if you don’t like them the first 99 times! research shows that it can take many times before you begin to appreciate things!).

Keeping your mind, body, and palette open to learning and experimenting.

Trying all new, potentially good, healthy, and entertaining foods, ideas, activities, and exercises throughout your entire life.

Consistent, daily mental and physical exercise, meditation, and social interaction, with a strong emphasis on family, friends, giving back to the community, learning about science and your environment, and to learn to speak as many languages as you can to prevent miscommunication with other people.

Keeping a daily journal (ala Star Trek’s daily logs) is encouraged for self-reflection, as is being consistently active in your free time with whatever sports games, art, or entertainment may catch your attention.

Being eternally patient, listening, allowing others to finish speaking their minds and not interrupting them when they’re speaking with you or others, asking questions until you understand others’ viewpoints completely, continuously trying to evaluate all situations thoroughly from every possible viewpoint, learning to listen to your heart, gut, positive and “good” voice inside your mind, and continuously asking questions and seeking guidance from others until you know from your heart and gut that you have found the best course of action to take will build the pillars of a healthy life.

Studying all past/present/future forms of art, culture, and life, with an emphasis on science fiction is also a fundamental concept, and of course meditating on the messages that all art is conveying. Art is a communication, often communicating things subconsciously that the conscious mind has not realized.

Valuing all life on this and any other location in the universe it may be found, respecting those life forms and allowing them to continue living in their natural environment if they so desire, but also being compassionate and merciful to them if they are sick, hungry, or dying.

The belief that all life has the option to not continue living if they so choose after counseling and all other options have been exhausted, especially if they are dying or in pain (but must give power of attorney to others of their choosing at all times throughout their life, after the completion of their puberty).

Living beings that are incapable of communication can be humanely euthanized for food when they are old and dying or when they are sick or in pain without the realistic possibility of being healed soon to prevent their suffering. The arrival of the end of puberty is decided by family or community if no family is present or reachable, as is the decision to euthanize.

Any marriage between any *intelligent* individual or individuals, different or same sex, or to another intelligent species is allowed and encouraged as long as it is voluntary.

Belief in evolution and science, tolerance of all races, sexes (whether or not changed by choice), religions, and sexual orientation is a necessary corollary of the One Rule.

Sexual exploration and freedom is encouraged. Attempting to reach higher states of consciousness for meditation, relaxation, entertainment, and sexual exploration through the use of chemicals in moderation and in a safe environment are not forbidden. (e.g. peyote, ayahuasca, etc.)

The One Rule also implies that we must constantly learn about and adapt to our environment and the beings that we come across, being open minded to all other life forms and incorporating any good habits or beliefs from any culture or religion that are compatible with all of these beliefs are good habits, as is teaching and being patient with the young, adult, and elderly throughout your entire life, and believing that you must always be eternally patient, kind, and considerate to/with all intelligent and un-intelligent life you ever come across, and to never stop searching for and understanding the meaning of whatever message or lesson they present you with, whether or not directly by trying to teach you or through them seeking your help.

The physical bodies of all life forms is considered a temple, the only One Temple (all other physical places in this universe and any other time/space continuum once we are able to travel there are only places that our One Temples inhabit), and all bodily functions and sounds are healthy and should not be considered embarrassing. Embarrassment is a negative emotion brought on by negativity passed on from corrupted ideas of other people. It is your decision to do with your One Temple as you please since you are the keeper of your One Temple. Tattoos, piercings, henna, etc. are expressions of art that are encouraged at your discretion after extensive meditation, but painful mutilation of your One Temple is discouraged if it is a result of not making the right choices since pain is usually an indication that you might not be doing good for your One Temple and One Mind.

It is believed that it is not healthy for your body to be washed with chemicals other than water and naturally occurring springs, saunas, rivers, lakes, etc. which have no known unhealthy contaminants in them, unless your skin is contaminated by unhealthy oils or other known contaminants which cannot be dissolved in and washed off with water, or contaminated by potentially dangerous microorganisms. Baths and saunas are the preferred conjugal place, since you should be taking multiple water baths/showers throughout the day.

All inhibitions (not to be confused with traditions) brought about over the years should be eliminated from your mind, yet studied and meditated on as to the possible origins, while at the same time patiently respected in other people who have not elevated their consciousnesses to a high enough level to eliminate their own inhibitions.

All surviving religious texts are worthy of studying and being meditated on, but not to be taken literally word-for-word because people have changed them over time, and the original meanings in them may not be as apparent today due to changing times, languages, and translations. Jesus and Mohammad existed, not just the ones written about in the Bible and Koran, but the millions of humans that have also been similarly named, and they are all as important as, and have messages just as important as Jesus of Nazareth and Muhammad of Mecca. Jesus and Muhammad were flesh and blood, mortal men, yet they were both given the gift of seeing the solution to our problems.

Another fundamental corollary is that all people are innately good, and that all evil comes from making a series of poor decisions by listening to the wrong voice in your head instead of to your gut instinct (One Voice) which you can sometimes only distinguish by deep meditation, seeking the help of many people, and asking them and yourself many questions.

All medicine and surgeries are sometimes necessary, yet potentially imperfect, and must be constantly re-evaluated forever for improvement. Constant research into furthering and developing science and technology should be something that all people contribute to at least to some degree throughout their lives.

Your right and your choice to bear arms is also another fundamental core belief called One Protection, as is using lethal force to protect your as well as your family’s One Temples against immediate threats by aggressors: “An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life.” – Robert A. Heinlein

USC-Trained Dentist Killed Himself Inside Police Cruiser in Pennsylvania