LAPD Cop Edmond Babaians Arrested for Burglary and Theft

Police Officer III Edmond Babaians, assigned to LAPD Custody Services Division, was arrested on Tuesday in Los Angeles on a felony arrest warrant for Burglary and Theft of a Debit Card.

The Los Angeles Police Department’s Internal Affairs Division conducted an internal investigation that originated from a community member’s concerns about her missing debit card. She last recalled being in possession of her card while inside a department facility and later noticed unauthorized transactions on her bank statement. The community member obtained pictures of the individual making purchases with her debit card at a home improvement store. She forwarded the pictures to LAPD to identify the person using her card; that person was identified as Officer Babaians.

LAPD cop Edmond Babaians Arrested for Stealing Credit Card

LAPD Chief Michel Moore stated, “The allegations of an officer breaking public trust are extremely troubling and there must be accountability. This Department will fully cooperate with the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office in this matter.”

Babaians was booked in LAPD’s Valley Jail Section. Consistent with Los Angeles Superior Court bail policy, Babaians was released on his own recognizance. He was relieved of his police powers and was assigned home pending the outcome of the Department’s administrative and criminal investigation. Babaians is a 16-year veteran of the Department and resides in Los Angeles, California.


Booking Number: 6655686
Date of Birth: 8/24/1980
Age: 42
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5 feet 8 inches
Weight: 150 pounds

On 10/26/2022 CITIBANK filed a Debt Collection lawsuit against EDMUND BABAIANS. This case was filed in Los Angeles County Superior Courts, Chatsworth Courthouse located in Los Angeles, California.

On 03/09/2020 MARLIN ABRAMIAN filed a Marriage Dissolution/Divorce lawsuit against EDMOND BABAIANS. This case was filed in Los Angeles County Superior Courts, Stanley Mosk Courthouse located in Los Angeles, California.

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