(L.A.) Kaweadie Calvin, 43, Died in a Hospital

Case Number: 2018-08046

Los Angeles County is reporting the death of a 43-year-old Black female that occurred in a hospital.

The coroner’s office has identified the woman as Kaweadie Calvin.

Manner of Death: Natural

Cause of Death A: Septic Shock (Clinical)

Cause of Death B: Candida Fungemia (Clinical)

Other Significant Condition: Diabetes Mellitus

RIP KAWEADIE CALVIN (September 25, 1975 – October 20, 2018)

Formal pronouncement of death was made on Saturday at 11:18 p.m.

Fungemia is the presence of fungi or yeasts in the blood. The most common type, also known as candidemia, candedemia, or systemic candidiasis, is caused by Candida species; candidemia is also among the most common bloodstream infections of any kind. Infections by other fungi, including Saccharomyces, Aspergillus (as in aspergillemia, also called invasive aspergillosiis) and Cryptococcus, are also called fungemia. It is most commonly seen in immunosuppressed or immunocompromised patients with severe neutropenia, cancer patients, or in patients with intravenous catheters. Diagnosis is difficult, as routine blood cultures have poor sensitivity.