Equifax CSO and CIO “Retire” Immediately

Related breaking news: Retirement of Equifax CEO Richard Smith announced on September 26, Tuesday.

Friday afternoon, about ten days after news of the massive Equifax data breach broke, the company has announced that two of their information and security executives will be “retiring” effective immediately.

Susan Mauldin, Equifax

Four-year Equifax veteran Chief Information Security Officer Susan Mauldin is reportedly being replaced in the interim by Russ Ayres, Senior IT Manager at Equifax since January 2015. Ayres is a graduate of Jacksonville State University, where he received a degree in computer science.

Equifax CIO David Webb

Chief Information Officer David Webb will be replaced by Mark Rohrwasser, who has led Equifax International IT operations. Rohrwasser is a graduate of SUNY Albany and Purdue University; he worked at Paypal for approximately six years.

A few hours before Equifax formally released their statement announcing the two executives’ retirement, CISO Susan Mauldin quietly changed the location on her LinkedIn profile from “Greater Atlanta Area” (where Equifax is based) to “Young America, Minnesota.”

Susan Mauldin, Young America, Minnesota

Norwood Young America is a city in Carver County, Minnesota. By Friday evening, Susan Mauldin’s profile page was completely gone from the web — showing a 404 on the LinkedIn site.

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