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chuck stein

Incompetence at its best. D Webb and R Smith should be fired immediately.

Joe Blow
Joshua Clement Broyles

Summa Cum Laude and not a note to hear or read online? Golly, that’s not peculiar, is it.


So neither one of them knew a doggone thing about computers or cyber security. A woman with a music degree in charge of cyber security, brilliant.


Reeks of a diversity hire, maybe even a trophy diversity hire.

Diversity is our strength here in progressive corporate America.


Music to first job in tech. Makes perfect sense.

Jean FCP

Here’s an interview on youtube of Susan Mauldin talking about the challenges she faces as CISO.

They let her retire which is nice of them and she is not fully at fault rather all the fat cats around here are more so. They make billions off of our information, but chose not to put almost of all that towards keeping it safe?

Overall socials can no longer be used for private identification. A change needs to happen and it needs to happen now!


So the CISO had a degree in music and the CIO a degree in Russian?


Prime example of “It’s not what you know…It’s who you know!”

Tom Y

First Data has a few leaders with music/arts degrees. Diversity vs qualification?


I don’t think people realize, THIS WAS THE SECOND HACK IN FIVE MONTHS!

Douglas Sweetman

I don’t question the ability of people to move into different areas – I spent an entire career reinventing myself. The amount of time it took Susan to crack the C-Level is interesting given the level of competition I observed in my 20 years of InfoSec experience.