(L.A.) Chia Ling Yau, 76, Died at a Business

Case Number: 2023-00858

Los Angeles County is reporting the death of a 76-year-old male of Asian ethnicity that occurred at a business.

The coroner’s office has identified the man as Chia Ling Yau.

Manner of Death: Homicide

Cause of Death: Gunshot Wound of Leg

RIP CHIA LING YAU (March 6, 1946 – January 21, 2023)

The decedent is one of the victims from the Monterey Park mass shooting. The medical examiner made public this record on January 24, Tuesday evening. .

The massacre happened late Saturday night, January 21, before 10:30 pm.

Monterey Park Shooting Victims ⬇️

A total of 11 persons were killed during the Lunar New Year attack at the Star Ballroom Dance Studio.

My Nhan succumbed outside in the parking lot. Diana Tom was transported to the hospital, where she died the following day.
Valentino Marcos AlveroM68Business
Hongying "Nancy Liu" JianF62Business
Yu Lun "Andy" KaoM72Business
Lilian LiF63Business
Ming Wei MaM72Business
My "Mymy" NhanF65Vehicle
Diana Man Ling TomF70Hospital
Muoi Dai UngF67Business
Chia Ling YauM76Business
Wen Tau YuM64Business
Xiujuan YuF57Business
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