Spain’s Excess Deaths Cannot Be Explained by Authorities

One of Spain’s foremost newspapers, El Mundo, reports on a large excess of deaths that the country’s Health Ministry is unable to explain.

12,000 Unexplainable Deaths

To paraphrase the media outlet, “There is still no scientific consensus about the specific causes of excess deaths in Spain, but the experts point to several factors. It is a very bad year for mortality and it’s even worse than it seems.”

Spain deaths due to COVID, heat, etc

According to data collated by the Institute of Health, there has been an excess of 36,311 deaths for the year preceding November 7, 2022.

The dataset specifically assigns 5,861 deaths to the unusual heat wave in the summer.

Spain excess deaths due to heat and unexplained reasons

Spain excess deaths due unexplained reasons 2022

Only 10,410 of the deaths are being linked by authorities to COVID. About 11,850 deaths cannot be explained.

Spain has a population of a little over 47 million.

Meanwhile, the Europe-wide EuroMoMo tracker has been reporting “excess mortality” practically every week since the start of the year.

Week 1 of 2022:
Week 44 of 2022:

The last time EuroMomo reported normal levels of excess mortality appears to be Week 40 of last year.

Paywalled article in Spanish:

Unexplained non-COVID deaths in Spain

Spain’s “MoMo” statistics: