Khabib’s Father Abdulmanap “Forgives” Conor McGregor #UFC229

There have been wild rumors coming out of Dagestan since March this year, when the primary financial backer of MMA fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov was jailed by Russian authorities on embezzlement charges. Those rumors gained credence when Khabib shamelessly used his winning the UFC lightweight championship belt in April to beg President Vladimir Putin to release billionaire Ziyavudin Magomedov.

Further circumstantial evidence that the Nurmagomedov family and the Eagles MMA club are struggling bad?

Khabib’s father declared in an Instagram post on October 9th that he forgives Conor McGregor. Many are interpreting this as part of a PR ploy to get the Nevada State Athletic Commission to be more lenient in their review of Khabib’s actions at UFC 229 and to quickly release his son’s prize money, which is 2 million USD.

Khabib's Dad forgives Conor

“We have to do an analysis and learn lessons,” Abdumanap wrote.

I forgive Conor McGregor of everything in the past. It is necessary to do analyze all that has happened and learn lessons… I hope there is good in this. Inshallah.

Such a magnanimous gesture by the elder Nurmagomedov surely can help when his son’s visa comes up for renewal in potential matches in the United States, right?

After Khabib and his training partners turned UFC 229 into a nauseating affair, and which saw the governor of Nevada frantically being evacuated out of T-Mobile Arena, the Dagestani fighter wasted no time flying back to his home base of Makhachkala earlier than his original schedule.

The fears expressed by his supporters on social media were that the chances of his getting lynched or arrested would increase the longer he stayed in the United States. In particular, the stress was on his childhood Esadullah Emiragayev, who was clearly caught on video sucker-punching the back of Conor’s head.

As recently as September, Nurmagomedov Sr. was making headlines by stridently telling Russian reporters that he and his son would NEVER forgive McGregor for the taunting the Irishman engaged in to promote what was billed as a career-defining moment for both fighters.

Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov

Ассаламуалейкум всем . Я прощаю Конора Магрегора , все в прошлом . Надо сделать анализ всего что происходило и извлечь уроки . Пообщавшись с аксакалами и мудрыми земляками , решили двигаться к другим высотам . Я надеюсь в этом есть благо . Ин Ша Аллагь .