France Protest Injuries: Young Woman Loses Eye From Police Grenade, Man Loses Hand

Among the horrifying injuries resulting from today’s #yellowvests protest in France is that of a 20-year-old student, an innocent bystander, who lost an eye due to a projectile fired by French police.

The video below is a copy of what was originally shot by Rene Enzo Pavaux on December 8, Saturday, in Paris.

Other media and supporting information were provided by Adrien Lemay, who was on scene providing medical help.


Lemay first posted on Snapchat and Facebook after 14:00 local time. He says he took part in the event as a street doctor. CheckNews was able to confirm it by viewing videos he posted on Snapchat a few hours before the event, in which Lemay showed the extensive medical equipment he had (compresses, paracetamol, biseptin, dressings, etc.), as well as the video of the wounded woman.

Lemay stated, “I was there doing first aid, so I was running from wounded to wounded and then I was called over. When I got there, there was blood everywhere. I made a point of compression. She was evacuated. The firefighters came and took her to take her to the emergency room. Since then I have had no news. It was facing the Arc de Triomphe, a few steps from the Cartier store.”

In his Facebook post, the street doctor said that the young woman had “lost the eye”. Asked about this diagnosis, he replied that he is “not 100% sure but if it is not the case, it is very lucky and will be marked for life. I used thick wound compression bandages, which were soaked with blood within 20 seconds. ”

CheckNews was also able to view another shared video on Facebook that showed the scene. Asked for verification, the person who posted it sent a screenshot showing that it was recorded at 14:08 on December 8 on the Champs Elysees. The man claims to have filmed it near the McDonald’s (which is only a few meters from the Cartier boutique). He says: “We were along the wall near the McDonald’s and suddenly on the sidewalk opposite the CRS and civilian police began to shoot. I heard a noise right next to me and I saw that girl falling right next to me. ”

There are other pictures on Twitter of the woman, recognizable by her clothes and her wounds, all posted on December 8, 2018. According to one of them, the woman was injured by a piece of grenade. (Note: It was earlier widely reported that she was 16 years old.)



It has since been confirmed by a relative that the victim has lost her eyesight. She was admitted to the Cochin Hospital (XIV). One person with her said that she “has lost vision of the left eye and will never be able to recover it” and suffered many fractures on the bones of the face and bleeding in the brain.

bandaged eye in hospital

UPDATE: Her name is Fiorina.


Above, the man was shot with a flashball for no reason. Then later in the clip, the police shoot towards a man, who was clearly identifiable as a journalist because he was wearing a “press helmet.” In a separate incident, three Associated Press reporters said the police confiscated their goggles, which are understood to be used by them for covering scenes involving tear gas.

Because this is breaking news, we will be updating this page throughout the night. The accounts bravely reposting these video clips on social media are being suspended upon the instigation of supporters of the Macron regime, so people are busy continually reuploading copies that can be more easily and widely shared.

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