Donna Karan Supports Harvey Weinstein (Video)

Upon hearing about the Daily Mail‘s latest scoop, one’s first reaction has to be “Are you sure she wasn’t quoted out of context?”

Watch the video until the end, and you will realize to your horror that the 69-year-old fashion designer Donna Karan did in fact say on Sunday all the incredible things she has been accused of saying.

UPDATE: For some reason, the original video below has been removed from Youtube. (Not our channel.)

Here is a shorter, lower quality clip of the same video.

“You look at everything all over the world today and how women are dressing and what they are asking by just presenting themselves the way they do. What are they asking for? Trouble.”

She’s a product of her time.


This gives Donna Karan the dubious honor (?) of being the very first celebrity to publicly come out in Harvey Weinstein’s defense in the wake of the New York Times’ expose of his string of sexual transgressions. You could argue that she wasn’t really defending him… except that she essentially was? You could argue that she was pointing out how sexualized our environment has become… except why in the world was she acting like what Harvey Weinstein did was no big deal? “They’re wonderful people.”

Donna Karan has her name literally attached to the DKNY label, which has come out with these fashions in the past year.

Em Rata for DKNY
Were Em Rata’s shoulders asking for it?
DKNY dress
Was this lady asking for it in this dress?
Was Emily Ratajkowski asking for it?

Attorney Lisa Bloom threw her own integrity out the window by agreeing to be Weinstein’s “adviser on sexual harassment matters” in the first place, though Bloom may have somehow redeemed herself by stepping down on Saturday.

Donna Karan, however… What does Harvey Weinstein have on her that she’d come out with positive things to say about him at this critical time when Hollywood’s hypocrisy about sexual harassment is being exposed?

UPDATE: Late Monday evening, Donna Karan released this very lame statement.

Donna Karan on Harvey Weinstein

It’s lame because it’s like it was written by a totally different person from the woman who spoke on camera Sunday night.