Proudly Boosted Cat Person, 59, Dies at Home 💉

Dr. Kathryn Elizabeth Kuhn passed away on Sunday, July 10, at her home in St. Louis, Missouri. No cause of death has been announced.

Kathryn Kuhn Associate Professor

Doctor Kuhn posted on Facebook on April 23, 2021, that she was fully vaccinated. On December 16, 2021, she posted that she had gotten her COVID-19 booster. In effect, she had received three injections of synthetic mRNA, if not more.

Doctor Kuhn August 2021

Doctor Kuhn Covid Booster December 2021


On her long-dormant Twitter account @Kira513, she identifies herself as an associate professor of Sociology at Saint Louis University. She received her undergraduate degree in Sociology from Virginia Tech and her PhD in Sociology from the University of Texas.

My cat, Nikita, owns me!

The handle of her empty Instagram account is @nikitasperson.

Black cat Nikita with Ukrainian flag

According to an online obituary, Doctor Kuhn was born on in Washington, D.C. to Steven Louis Kuhn (who proceeded her in death) and Kathryn Morrow Kuhn. She “joined SLU in 1990 and was a popular teacher, well known for her Gender and Pop Culture classes. She was also an accomplished scholar, her most recent book, Power and Protest at an American University: No Confidence, No Fear, has been well received in academic circles. Kathryn was a rigorous thinker, a graceful writer, and a shrewd editor. She was also a fierce advocate for faculty governance, serving in many leadership positions including multiple terms as President of the Arts and Sciences Faculty Council as well as a Faculty Senator. She was current President of the Missouri State Conference of the American Association of University Professors.”

Doctor Kuhn is survived by her mother, Kathryn Morrow Kuhn, brother James Steven Kuhn, and sister Robin Hillman, as well as nieces and nephews.

No word on who will take care of her old black cat Nikita, or if it’s even still alive.

RIP Kathryn E Kuhn (April 22, 1963 – July 10, 2022)

There is another Kathryn Kuhn who died of cancer in Canada earlier this year, on January 11, 2022.