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Ty Shelton

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department deputy who fatally shot Michael Thomas in 2020 and Niani Finlayson in 2023.

In the year 2021, Ty A Shelton received pay of at least $101,657 for his work as a sheriff’s deputy.

His mother Kimberly Britt Shelton / Kim Brink (retired LASD sergeant) is now married to Burton “Burt” Brink (retired LASD).

Ty Shelton deputy LASD mother Sergeant Kim Brink

Ty A Shelton

Ty Anthony Shelton was born on May 17, 1989, in Kern County, California.

His father’s last name is Shelton, and his mother’s maiden name is Britt (Heflin, Kentucky).

Matthew (born 1987)

Ty Shelton = Ty A Shelton = Ty Anthony Shelton

Total pay & benefits for the year 2022:

Total pension & benefits amount for the year 2022: