Russian Cargo Ship Hits Bridge in South Korea — Captain was Drunk!

A cargo ship helmed by a stereotypically drunk Russian captain hit a bridge in South Korea right after departing the port of Busan.

On Feb. 28 at around 4:23 pm local time, a 6,000-ton cargo ship directly sailed into the Gwangan bridge, causing damage both to the ship and the bridge. Fortunately, there were no casualties.

The ship’s captain’s blood alcohol concentration was measured to be 0.086 percent, according to the South Korean coast guard. A blood alcohol concentration of 0.03% is regarded as alcohol-impaired.

It was the previous day at around 9:00 am that the Russian vessel arrived in Busan with a cargo of iron pipes from the city of Pohang. It was en route to Vladivostok.

Video below.