Pro-Vaxxer Radio DJ Dies Live on Air During His Morning Show

Radio DJ who died of heart attack on the air

The broadcaster Tim Gough died from a suspected heart attack on Monday at his home in Suffolk, England, while presenting GenX Radio’s breakfast show.

Gough was an hour into the program when the music stopped halfway through a song.

The tune resumed a few minutes later but the DJ, who had been speaking just moments earlier, did not return and later the station confirmed he had died.

“Tim was doing what he loved.”

He reportedly died of a heart attack at his home at 7:50 am on Monday, Oct. 24. He was 55 years old.

Gough was very pro-vaxx and pro-booster.

Radio Dj Tim Gough fully vaccinated

What the hell is going on here? 1.5m people who willingly received both initial Covid vaccines, now can’t be arsed to go and get their booster jab?

Radio host Tim Gough fully vaccinated

It can be surmised that Gough had been injected with at least three doses of synthetic mRNA.

A listener quipped: “When the auto-backup kicked in, I’d like to think he’d have found it funny that it played ‘Play that funky music ‘till I die’ twice in the hour after he passed.”
Gough leaves behind his mother, brother, sister and son.

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