Fully Jabbed Audio Engineer Dies of Brain Bleed at Age 25 πŸ’‰

Olivia Quan died on July 1.

Monarch Studios in Vancouver, where Quan had been working since 2016, just made the following announcement on their Facebook page.

We are now in a position to confirm the cause of her death.

Olivia died from natural causes, a brain bleed, on the afternoon of July 1st. She was home and working in her bed at the time it happened. We take comfort in the fact that we have been told she most likely lost consciousness immediately and died without prolonged discomfort.

Olivia Quan died from a brain bleed

Over the course of her short career, the young talent worked with such artists as Hey Ocean!, City & Colour, Sam Lynch, Amanda Sum, and Said the Whale. She received Juno nominations this year for her work with DesirΓ©e Dawson, Luca Fogale, and Matthew V.

So… did she receive an injection of synthetic mRNA ? It appears so.

If you visit the contact page of the recording studio’s website, you will find that they are proud of the fact that all of their “engineers and interns have been double-vaccinated for COVID-19.”

Olivia Quan fully vaccinated


RIP Olivia Sonia Quan (December 22, 1996 – July 1, 2022)

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