Bodycam Video of Paul Pelosi Attack Released

San Francisco’s police department just released body-camera footage during an alleged attack inside Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco home in October of last year.

FORBES titled their posting: GRAPHIC WARNING: Paul Pelosi Attack Bodycam Video Released

Mr. Pelosi appears to be holding a drink in his left hand and one end of the hammer in his right. Not wearing pants, just in boxer shorts.

After being knocked out, Mr. Pelosi seems to have immediately started snoring.

Fox 11 Los Angeles went with “Paul Pelosi video shows moment of brutal hammer attack.”

NBC News calls the snoring “struggling to breathe.”

Date and time on the video clips can be confusing. It seems to be UTC/GMT. The call came at a few minutes past 2:00 am.

Surveillance camera video shows DePape breaking into Pelosi home

Youtube comment: “Prosecutors also released Capitol Police security video of the exterior of the home. It shows DePape with several bags, including a large backpack, in a yard outside the Pelosi home. He appears to remove the hammer from the bag. The video then shows him using the hammer to break into the house, repeatedly swinging the hammer in an effort to force his way in through a glass door on the back porch.”

Pelosi’s Own 911 Call

David DePape was listening and chiming in as Pelosi was talking to the 911 call operator?

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Because this is breaking news, updates will be added to this page as new details and angles become known.