Mike Tyson Punches Airplane Passenger after Harassment

The retired boxing star was caught on camera pummeling a fellow passenger on a flight

Mike Tyson

Former world heavyweight champion Mike Tyson lost his cool on a recent flight, as seen in an amateur video taken of the 55-year-old retired fighter throwing a barrage of blows at a fellow passenger while on an airplane.

Footage circulating on social media show the legendary fighter unleashing several punches on a passenger who was seated behind him, leaving the man with a bloodied forehead.

Both men initially had a cordial exchange, with Tyson agreeing to pose for a photograph. The very drunk man, however, then ignored several requests to stop attempting to conduct a conversation with the former professional boxer.

When the man refused to stop talking, Tyson apparently lost his temper and repeatedly punched him.

“Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey Mike, come on, stop that,” an off-camera voice can be heard saying in the brief clip.

“My boy just got beat up by Mike Tyson,” the person behind the camera says. “Yeah, he got f***ed up. Just trying to ask for an autograph. I don’t know what happened.”

The boy later received medical attention and was spoken to by police regarding the incident. There is no indication that he intends to press charges against the boxing legend.

Tyson made his return to the ring in 2020 for an exhibition match against fellow ring icon Roy Jones Jr., with the bout being scored a draw after eight rounds of action.

Rumors are that the veteran pugilist may once again take on another challenge in the boxing ring in a possible match against YouTube sensation Jake Paul.