Kardashian’s Credit Score: 643

According to one group of hackers claiming to have been the perpetrators of the massive Equifax data breach in 2017, the credit score of Kim Kardashian is 643.

Yes, it does sound like a joke and/or a randomly selected number, particularly since the same group is claiming that Donald Trump has a fairly respectable credit score of 819.

This new darknet-dwelling hacker group, separate and apparently different from the PastHole duo, calls itself EQUIHAX. Their site has the address equihxbdrjn5czx2.onion — accessible only through the Tor browser.

Cybersecurity experts are very skeptical of these claimants.

The reason for the skepticism is that a lot of high-profile celebrities’ data, having already been leaked in the past, are known and fairly easy to find on forums and such. Among what was posted this time around: SSN, DOB, Middle Name, Address, FraudCode, FraudMessage, Total Liability….

Kim Kardashian Data?

Credit Score: 643
Timestamped date: May 20, 2017

* We erased the SSN and Street Number in the above screenshot.

Also released as “proof” by the hackers of their entry into Equifax servers is what they say is personal information relating to Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates.

More details to be added as soon as they become available.