Bill Gates Equihaxed?

According to one group of hackers claiming to have been the perpetrators of the massive Equifax data breach in 2017, the credit score of Bill Gates is 748.

This group of hackers appeared on the darkweb after the first team PastHole had their website hosting suspended.

Cybersecurity experts are even more skeptical of this second group than they were of the first group, so these new guys sought to bolster their claim by publishing their data trove on Bill Gates with a date stamp of May 20, 2017.

The reason for the skepticism is that a lot of high-profile persons’ information has already been leaked in the past. Among what they leaked: SSN, DOB (10/28/1955), Middle Name, Address, FraudCode, FraudMessage, Total Liability….

Bill Gates Credit Score


That’s not our typo. According to the official-looking output provided by the hackers, the state abbreviation is WI, instead of WA for Washington. That type of input should not be possible in US-based databases, and should be the red flag pointing to these hackers being fakes… however, considering how inept Equifax has proven itself to be in various instances, not just in this mother of all data breaches (username: admin; password: admin), who knows really what is possible?

Also released as “proof” by the hackers is what they claim to be the personal financial information of Kim Kardashian and Donald Trump.

* This darknet group calls itself EQUIHAX. Their site has the address equihxbdrjn5czx2.onion — accessible only through the Tor browser.

More details to be added as soon as they become available. * We erased the SSN and the street number in the screenshot above.