Kadyrov Fanatic Threatens Conor McGregor on Instagram #MMA

Russian martial artist Khusein Khaliev has issued a threat against Conor McGregor, telling the MMA superstar to “watch his mouth” in the wake of comments made by the Irishman about Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov during last week’s UFC 229 press conference with Khabib Nurmagomedov.

In a 53-second video titled “Conor, remember, that the Caucasus is not Ireland. Talk less, if you’re not looking for trouble” that Khaliev posted on his personal Instagram account, the Kadyrov fan took issue with McGregor’s comments regarding the dictator that the Irishman addressed to Khabib during Thursday’s presser in New York City ahead of the pair’s showdown for the UFC lightweight title in Las Vegas on October 6.

Khaliev warns the former featherweight and lightweight UFC champ about his words and says he has committed the unforgivable act of “harming the honor of our family or a person” of the Caucasus. The Chechen-Russian claimed to be offended by McGregor calling Khabib’s father Abdulmanap “a quivering coward” for showing “fake respect, out of fear” when the elder Nurmagomedov had a meeting with the Chechen dictator Kadyrov.

“Conor, you are a master of trash-talking. But for the latest time I’ve been offended by you, watching the press conference,” welterweight Khaliev begins.

“I understand that your talk is acceptable in America, or in Ireland or wherever else, but when the matter regards Chechnya or the Caucasus, you will have to think about what you can and can’t talk about.

“For your words, in the cage or outside the octagon, you will have to answer, because we never forgive the harming of the honor of our family or a person. I therefore advise you to show some remorse and to apologize as soon as possible. Your life does not end with your fight against Khabib. Watch your mouth if you’re not looking for trouble.”

The belligerent Khaliev has fought professionally as a mixed martial artist in China and has a close relationship with Shamil Zavurov, a sparring partner of Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Khaliev vs Koyama

McGregor’s latest Chechen detractor has 159,000 followers on his Instagram account, where many photos are of himself with Kadyrov. He also has a “Team Khaliev” fan account with 15,000 followers.

Khusein Khaliev, Ramzan Kadyrov

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