(L.A.) Jamshid Arfania, 83, Died From Heart Disease

Case Number: 2024-00681

Los Angeles County is reporting the death of an 83-year-old male that occurred at his residence.

The coroner’s office has identified the man as Jamshid Arfania.

Manner of Death: Natural

Cause of Death: Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease

RIP JAMSHID ARFANIA (December 18, 1940 – January 10, 2024)

Formal pronouncement of death was made on Wednesday at 9:00 p.m.

The decedent’s name appears to be Persian / Iranian.

On December 4, 1973, the Medical Board of California issued Physician’s and Surgeon’s Certificate No. A
25755 to Jamshid Arfania, M.D.

On January 31, 1995, an Accusation was filed against Jamshid Arfania. On November 15, 1995, MBC Decision in Case No. 17-92-2795 became effective. Said decision revoked Arfania’s certificate, stayed revocation, placed him on five years’ probation and imposed terms and conditions of probation including a 30-day actual suspension and, as a condition, ordered a psychiatric examination.

Shortly after the effective date of the 1995 disciplinary order in said case, Arfania submitted a one-page “psychiatric evaluation” performed by a psychiatrist not approved by the Division or its designee. The evaluation was not performed by a Division-approved psychiatrist within the required 60 days, all in violation of Condition of Probation No. 3.

Respondent suffers from a psychotic disorder, as confirmed by competent neuropsychological testing, affecting his thought process and content. Symptoms exhibited by respondent include: tangential, highly disorganized and, at times, incoherent speech; poor reality testing; difficulty following a logical train of thought; and impaired judgement. Other symptoms include an inability to, intelligently, answer direct and simple questions. Respondent lacks the ability, presently, to appropriately communicate with patients and evaluate, organize and implement treatment plans. He has, therefore, a present inability to conduct the practice of medicine with safety to the public. In sum, his ability to practice medicine is impaired by mental illness.

The medical license of one Jamshid Arfania, of Rolling Hills Estates, was revoked in the year 2001.