(L.A.) James Nese, 28, Died From Difluoroethane

Case Number: 2023-08557

James Nese death notice

Los Angeles County is reporting the death of a 28-year-old male that occurred in a sober living facility.

The coroner’s office has identified the man as James Nese and initially listed his race/ethnicity as Latino before changing it to White/Caucasian.

Manner of Death: Accident

Cause of Death: Difluoroethane Toxicity

Other Significant Condition: Obesity

RIP JAMES GIOVANNI NESE (March 6, 1995 – July 10, 2023)

Formal pronouncement of death was made on Monday at 10:38 p.m.

Ruling by the deputy medical examiner was published on January 10, presumably after the results of tox screening came back positive. This is what’s called a huffing death.

The decedent was born in San Diego County.

A detailed report by the government investigator and medical examiner on this case may be purchased from L.A. County for 67 dollars. This includes field notes on the circumstances of the death.


Inquiries about this case may be made by calling the Department of Medical Examiner at (323) 343-0714.

A brutal altercation that was caught on camera turned frightening when an obese man wearing a security guard uniform pulled out what appeared to be a gun.

There was lots of profanity and racial slurs used during the fight behind a Costa Mesa bar that was recorded on a phone and posted to YouTube.

The incident, involving a man in a security guard uniform, happened behind Garf’s on Bristol Street during the early morning hours on March 23, 2019. A second man, who was wear a white shirt, is seen punching him several times in the face.

At one point, the guard, who police eventually arrested for driving under the influence, pulled out a gun that looked real to bystanders. Investigators, however, say it was a replica.

The guard has been identified by police as 24-year-old James Nese, who works in south Orange County. The altercation began after Nese sped past a group of men behind the bar, according to police.

“We responded, but both parties had fled the scene before we got there,” said Costa Mesa Police Department spokesperson Roxi Fyad. “One block away, we found one of the men – who was wearing the security guard uniform – and found that he was driving under the influence and so we made an arrest on that. We also searched his vehicle and found that replica firearm.”