Vaccinated Italian Doctor Jokingly Predicted His Own Death

In November 2021, Dr. Giovanni Antonio Coan posted on Facebook a laughing emoji after his statement “I might die by summer…”

Italian doctor who laughed at antivaxxers

This is what the Italian text on the graphic says:

Let’s do this, we vaccinated have favored experimentation and Big Pharma and according to your scientific studies we will all die by next summer.

By virtue of these few months we have left, could you avoid breaking my balls? When we are gone, you will be the masters of the flat planet.

Thank you.

What he meant was he was tired of vaccine-free people accusing him of taking an experimental shot and of supporting Big Pharma. There had been dire predictions by anti-vaxxers that many of the jabbed would be dying soon.

To him, the antivaxxers were the equivalent of flat-earthers.

Italian doctor who died

By spring, Doctor Coan was dead at the age of 59. According to one media report published on April 2, he had recently died due to COVID-related complications.

Doctor Coan received his degree in medicine from the University of Bologna and had been working in the nearby city of Imola for several years. Four months after his death, the city of 70,000 people is still unable to find a successor or replacement.

As an aside, the doctor’s Facebook page shows him having a black cat as a pet.

By a weird coincidence, last month an American professor of the same age (59), who was known for taking care of a black cat, also died unexpectedly.

Proudly Boosted Cat Person, 59, Dies at Home 💉