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William Henderson

So we have a coercion of healthy sports people Athletes that were once in thier prime of condition threatened and coerced around the world to take a dangerous and not fully tested MRNA inoculation that is being injected on mass into the veins of billions under a emergency use Authorisation ?and now we see the start of calamity and death with children now suffering strokes and heart attacks from this wicked Agenda which I can only describe as a new planned Genocide worse then Cambodia or pal pot or Hitler or Stalin or Ghent is Khan and will be one… Read more »

Jeff nirth

You are out ofyour mind if you believe what you said


Athlete deaths & cardiac events since May 2021
Average age: 29


you haven’t done your homework…

Mags K

You are so correct! You’ve done the research. It’s a crime against humanity. Those who say your info is incorrect have just listened to MSM, never question or think for themselves or do the research and use common sense. It’s big pharma grasping for more power!


This is totally normal. There’s absolutely no pattern here involving young men, in peak athletic shape, dying of heart attacks during competition. If you think you’re seeing a pattern, you might be a racist. Or something.

Ed special

What you just said literally makes no logical sense… (“or something “) 🤣