North Carolina’s Twice-Boosted Attorney General Suffers a Stroke at Age 55

North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein had a minor stroke on Monday night, he reported on Tuesday on Twitter.

“Last night I had stroke-like symptoms after Anna and I walked our dog Jenny, so I went to the hospital. Doctors confirmed that I had a minor stroke and performed a successful procedure to remove a small blood clot,” Stein said.

Anna is Stein’s wife.

“I’m feeling back to normal now and am beyond blessed to have no lingering effects,” Stein said. “My doctor wants me to stay here for another day or two to get some rest before I get back to work. Anna is my hero for recognizing that something was wrong and insisting that I go to the hospital.”

Stein announced May 17 that he had tested positive for COVID-19 the day before but said he had no symptoms.

Stein is fully vaccinated and twice boosted.

On January 27, Democratic senator Ben Ray Luján of New Mexico was hospitalized for a stroke. He is 49.

On May 13, Pennsylvania’s lieutenant governor John Fetterman (D) suffered a stroke. He is 52.

On May 15, Democratic senator Chris Van Hollen of Maryland announced that he had a minor stroke. He is 63.

Attorney General Stein suffered his stroke on May 23 (Monday), 2022. He is 55.