Top Muslim Scholar Confirms: Noah’s Ark Found in Russia!

Enthusiasts in Chechnya who for years have been claiming that Noah’s Ark was found on Mount Sadoi Lam in the Cheberloevsky district have received a religious boost.

Chechnya’s supreme mufti Salah Mezhiyev has come out to “confidently state” that Noah’s Ark is indeed in Chechnya, a republic of the Russian Federation.

Salakh Mezhiyev
The Mufti Salah Mezhiev

“According to one of the widespread theories put forward by Islamic scholars, the ship could have sailed farther north and stranded in the mountains of the Caucasus,” the Mufti said. “The true Vainakhs know that the real name of the Chechen people is Nokhchi. In other words, the sons of Nok (Noah).”

Three years ago, local resident Marat Makazho found in a formation of layered limestone what are purportedly wooden beams. The find was investigated by representatives of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of the Chechen Republic.

Mufti Mezhiyev says he is now able to state that Noah’s Ark is indeed in Chechnya. “This is our position… The investigation in the mountains finally confirms this!”

Many religious clerics claim that the ancient ship of the prophet landed atop Mount Ararat. But a long search and scientific research yielded nothing.

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