The Hidden Epidemic In White America

With the advent of Trumpism there has been much talk about issues such as immigration, trade, endless war, demographic changes, and interestingly enough, orchestrated white genocide. But what does white genocide entail? Does it exist? Is it the active, violent destruction of whites? Well it’s not active because if that were the case crime between non-white on non-white crime would not be at a higher rate than non-white on white crime.

I would argue that there are other factors, more subtle factors, affecting white America alone (although as we will see it affects other groups as well, just differently).

The hidden epidemic that is taking a toll on white America is the opioid epidemic. That is what is killing off rural white communities so fast. Their addiction, which started with prescription opioids, eventually escalated into dependency on heroin.

In an article published by Vox on March 23rd 2017, it was reported that “To understand just how bad the opioid epidemic has gotten, consider these statistics: Drug overdoses in 2015 were linked to more deaths than car crashes or guns, and in fact killed more people than car crashes and gun homicides combined. Drug overdoses in 2015 also killed more people in the US than HIV/AIDS did during its peak in 1995. So just as HIV/AIDS lives in the American mind as a horrible epidemic, the current opioid epidemic should too.”

But how did this epidemic get so terrible, and why in white America?

The answer lies in the pharmaceutical industry. People need to understand that prescribing medication is like any other business. The greater the demand, the greater the profit margin. Our story begins in 1996. In 1996, OxyContin was introduced by Purdue Pharma as the latest pain-relieving drug. This might be a good time to note that our culture once prided itself on fighting against pain, but aggressive campaigns for political correctness, and a general dumbing down of the populace into the welfare state has rendered people spineless against trials and tribulations. Anyhow, the Purdue’s marketing campaign insisted that risk of addiction was low, but that ended up being a flat out lie and it disproportionately affected white America.

White Americans of all socioeconomic backgrounds were more likely to have health insurance and therefore were more susceptible to excessive pain killer prescriptions from avaricious drug companies. Around this time drug lobbyists began advocating for pain scales in hospitals, and this was coupled with PC victimology culture. This provided the social and pseudoscientific pretexts for drug companies to continue to overdose patients. With each year from 1991 to 2013 an increase in opioid prescription correlated with an increase in opioid related deaths. Over time, the epidemic became so severe, illegal alien Mexican heroin dealers were able to prey on opioid addicts whose life expectancy dropped because of heroin, contributing to the destruction of white American communities.

The end result is this: white America is dying off at a faster rate than any other community. Literally, white America is dying from within and being preyed upon by pharmaceutical giants and illegal alien Mexicans who are availing themselves of enslaving heroin addictions. Unlike blacks and Hispanics, whites generally have health insurance and do not have memories of the horrors of heroin and crack during the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Therefore the destruction of whites is particularly heightened.

Now whether to call this white genocide or not is up for debate, but the government cannot be trusted to take care of this problem unless big pharma is eliminated. On March 16th, 2016 Dr. Mercola concluded three points from analysis of the Obama administration and its response to the opioid crisis. They determined the following:

  • “A clueless government seeks “treatment” for the opioid epidemic without addressing irresponsible prescribing and drug industry marketing, and high level financial conflicts of interest
  • Opioid makers have targeted taxpayer supported programs like Medicaid, Medicare and military programs to supply them rich opioid revenues
  • Opioids have been promoted for uses once not accepted because of the drug class’ dangers and addiction potential. As users can no longer get or afford pills, they turn to heroin.”

This is what should be done to combat this crisis. Communities must become self-sufficient again and end the stranglehold big pharma has on society and reduce the government’s role in driving up profits through healthcare programs, along with the endless cheap labor and welfare recipients brought in along with the illegal alien invasion and the corresponding heroin overflow. To understand the destruction of white America is to look beyond immigration, trade, or endless wars. The government and socialistic corporations profited off of the destruction of black and Hispanic communities in the 70s, 80s, and 90s, they are doing the same today with white America. They are doing it through social Orwellian control and pseudoscience. Big business colluded with government and cartels, and created welfare programs and healthcare scams to profit off of white America’s destruction, like they did with blacks and Hispanics a few decades earlier. Now I caution all from taking a victimology approach to this issue. The proper thing to do is end cronyism and hold big pharma responsible for lying and preying on people, as well as securing the border with a wall to protect people from those who will vote for more big government, and distribute heroin. Lastly, create a culture willing to confront pain and take on hardships with stride. The hidden epidemic against white America is solvable through a combination of nationalist and libertarian politics. Bring self-sufficiency back. Make pain great again! And combat the deadly alliance of big government, big business, and PC culture that drove all of America into dependency.