Communism Is NOT Cool

If you are always on the web, chances are you have been on a plethora of websites, and been exposed to many different points of view. It is usual to see people boasting their seemingly nonsensical viewpoints. However, a trend I find greatly disturbing, is a sort of reemergence of communism.

The people who promote communism are typically college aged, and born in America. They sport t-shirts with the infamous hammer and sickle. They believe that the evil system of capitalism must be overthrown.

This narrative is promoted by popular media. In fact, Buzzfeed published an article titled “Ten Really Cools Ways Communism Is Becoming Cool Again.” Reddit even has a certain subreddit that claims the U.S is in its “late stages of capitalism,” and this subreddit has over 132,000 contributors. I even watched a film recently titled “The Motorcycle Diaries,” in which Che Guevara, a murderer, communist, and dictator, is in his youth. During the movie he was touching lepers with his bare hands, giving his last dollar to the poor, in other words, the film depicted him to be a saint.

Why the reemergence of communism? Because the supporters of communism want to “wow” everybody with their extreme viewpoint. I refuse to believe that anybody in his/her sane mind would want a system that has failed time and time again. These people don’t actually want communism, they want a reaction.

Why do they want a reaction? The country they live in (the US) has been far too good to them. None of these communists are starving, in fact they partake in capitalism all of the time. Whether it be the tuition they’re paying for, or the painfully cringe worthy red t shirt they bought, they too love consumerism just as much as the other person.

There is not a single person in the United States who is starving because they lack access to resources. However, North Korea has lots of starving people, Venezuela has lots of starving people, the Soviet Union had lots of starving people. But point that out to one of these communists and they’ll simply respond “that wasn’t real communism.” How can a supposedly “superior” system, never achieve success?

If all people are “greedy” under the capitalistic system, what makes communists think that people won’t remain greedy under a communist regime? Why is it okay to take the life of 94 million people as long as it’s in the name of fairness and equality? Are we living in a time where words speak louder than actions, and where outcome is inferior to intent?

My mother escaped the Soviet Union for a reason. She escaped because she was not satisfied with the “free” services such as electricity (which came on once every two weeks), or the poor quality of life, and starvation that made everyone equal in the Soviet Union.

In the U.S people are not economically equal. Some have one house, and some have three (Bernie Sanders). However, everyone has a TV, cellphone, running water, plumbing, and food. Even if the Soviet Union was economically equal (which it was not), did equality matter if everybody was starving?

Communism does not look to have everyone prosper; instead, it looks to make everyone suffer. Rather than bring everyone a little up, it puts everyone down to the same level. The US has been successful because it is a capitalistic country. The reason the United States is the best place to live, is because of capitalism.

This ideology, communism, must be defeated. It is not a matter of free speech, it is a matter of life and death. If the unappreciative, and chaos seeking communists have their way, it could be the end of the US. We all came to the US to avoid dictatorships, not implement them. There are plenty of communist countries that are still around, so I propose that if you like it so much, you should move. Writing this article is very similar to what I imagine it would be like to write a “why cancer is bad” article.