(L.A.) Renato Amez, 31, Died from Cardiac Dysfunction 🥕🧁

Case Number: 2023-05904

Los Angeles County is reporting the death of a 31-year-old Hispanic male.

The coroner’s office has identified the individual as Renato Amez. He was found dead at a residence.

Manner of Death: Natural

Cause of Death A: Acute Cardiac Dysfunction

Cause of Death B: Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease

RIP RENATO AMEZ (December 12, 1991 – May 22, 2023)

Formal pronouncement of death was made on Monday at 11:20 a.m.

Ruling by the deputy medical examiner was published by July 7.

We do not know if the decedent was injected with synthetic mRNA, but his workplace seems to have required it. He was physically fit, not obese.

After Spain, Peru is the country where the surname Amez is most prevalent.

Para obtener más información, llamen al Departamento de Médico Forense del Condado de Los Ángeles +1 (323) 343-0512, Lunes – Viernes, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm. Después de horas: (323) 343-0714