Seemingly Healthy 49-Year-Old Suffers Stroke 14 Months After First Dose

Scott McPartland was inside his house in May when he felt a sudden numbness that caused him to fall to the floor. At first he thought he was having an anxiety attack.

McPartland received his first injection of synthetic mRNA in March 2021.

Injection of synthetic mRNA

The storm chaser was rushed to the hospital where he was treated with a clot-busting drug called tPA. When tPA is administered within the first hour of a stroke, the medicine has the potential to save vital brain cells and reduce the chance of disability.

However, questions remained on the underlying cause for the stroke in the seemingly health 49-year-old.

Tests found that McPartland had a blockage of a major blood vessel in the brain that required microsurgical removal.

McPartland was transferred to a stroke center to undergo the procedure after a few more routine pre-operation tests were run.

Those tests revealed that McPartland also had a PFO, a hole in the heart where the right and left chamber meet that typically closes after birth.

McPartland’s did not, which may have led to a clot passing through his heart and into his brain which doctors believe was the probable cause of the stroke.

“It may sound alarming but 1 in 4 normal people walking on the street, statistically may have this condition, the PFO,” said Dr. Avneet Singh, a cardiologist at Northwell Health.

McPartland received a minimally invasive heart surgery to close the PFO back in August and was released from the hospital on the same day.

He said in many ways it was comforting to find the reason for the stroke.

McPartland’s recovery was so complete he celebrated his 50th birthday by storm chasing Hurricane Ian in Florida on September 28.

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