NASTY: Latest Shirt Worn by San Juan Mayor on TV

Just hours after U.S. President Donald Trump visited the hurricane-devastated island of Puerto Rico, the mayor of its capital city San Juan thought it prudent to resume her T-shirt shenanigans… going on camera for an interview with the Spanish-language channel Univision while wearing a black shirt emblazoned with the word NASTY in white bold print.

San Juan Mayor Wearing Nasty Shirt

She went on English-language channel MSNBC with the same shirt on, but opted to cover most of the word with a black Nike jacket.

San Juan Mayor
San Juan Mayor Yullin on MSNBC

On September 30, President Trump tweeted how the San Juan mayor must have been newly instructed by the Democrats to turn nasty on him, given that a few days earlier, she had been very complimentary of him.

On the president’s October 3rd visit to Puerto Rico, he and the mayor had this awkward interaction.

More details to be added to this page as they become available.

Meanwhile, one would seriously like to know which person on Carmen Yullin’s staff is charged with coming up with these shirts…