Minnesota Woman Loses Fingers and Both Legs After COVID Vaccine

Philip Nache shares what happened to his wife Jummai.

Currently living in Minnesota, the couple are from Nigeria, where they were Christian missionaries in an area dominated by Muslims. They came to the United States for theological studies.

Jummai trained to be a medical assistant and worked in a clinic in Minneapolis. There, she was instructed to get the Pfizer shot. After receiving her second dose on February 1, she started to experience chest pain at work. Philip took her to Urgent Care on February 6.

After the checkup, EKG and other tests, the doctor said there was nothing wrong with her chest and every test showed she was fine. She took a COVID-19 test and the next day was confirmed positive.

They were shocked to learn that she was positive because she had not shown any symptoms before getting the jab. But they later surmised that perhaps the virus and the vaccine together contributed to the adverse reaction on her body.

Jummai followed the CDC guidelines but then a few days later ended up at Fairview ER and then was transferred to U of M medical center. The next day, February 14, the doctor called her husband to tell him that her heart was deteriorating, her oxygen levels and blood pressure were low and she needed to be put on a ventilator. Philip gave approval for them to proceed with the ventilator.

Minnesota nursing assistant

Philip says his wife is suffering unbearable excruciating pain and permanent catastrophic damage. The medical consequences of the adverse event are as follows:

1. Arterial blood clot
2. Respiratory distress
3. Cardiomyopathy
4. Anemia
5. Damage to fingers and legs
6. Ischemia
7. MIS-Multiple Inflammatory Syndrome

The CDC has reviewed this case and decided that it cannot conclude whether the vaccine caused the effect on Jummai’s body.

Her husband has the following questions:

1. When her symptoms started, I was with her, eating and sleeping together, but I tested negative and did not have any symptoms. Why am I not positive?

2. If she got the vaccine before the virus or got them at the same time, did the clashing of the covid-19 and the vaccine cause such adverse reactions? Why didn’t the CDC or Pfizer let us know? Or why wouldn’t they ask everyone to be tested for covid-19 first, before taking the vaccine?

3. If the vaccine is meant to defeat the virus, either by destroying it or weakening its effect, why the adverse severe damage? If the vaccine did not work to defeat the virus, what role was the vaccine playing in Jummai’s body?

For more details, read the account on GoFundMe.

As can be seen in a recently uploaded photo, Jummai’s legs have had to be amputated below the knee.

Below is a video of Pastor Nache a few years ago talking about their life’s work.

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