Boston’s “Lynchie” Suffers Stroke Less Than a Month After Second Booster

Channel 5 sports anchor Mike Lynch suffered a stroke while out on a walk with his wife near their home.

Lynch, who was reportedly diagnosed with high blood pressure approximately six months ago, suffered bleeding on the left side of his brain, which affects the right side of the body. He currently is in stable condition at an area hospital but has still not fully recovered his verbal abilities.

The reporter had posted on Twitter that he received his second booster on April 27, 2022. That implies that by April he had already been injected with four doses of synthetic mRNA.

The 68-year-old Lynch, who is listed as a sports correspondent for Channel 5 after retiring from his full-time weeknight anchor role in 2019, remains a popular figure among Boston sports fans who know him as the always affable “Lynchie.”

Lynch’s last tweet was on May 17.

May happens to be National Stroke Month.

On January 27, Democratic senator Ben Ray Luján of New Mexico was hospitalized for a stroke. He is 49.

On May 13, Pennsylvania’s lieutenant governor John Fetterman (D) suffered a stroke. He is 52.

On May 15, Democratic senator Chris Van Hollen of Maryland announced that he had a minor stroke. He is 63.

Mike Lynch had his stroke on May 17 at the age of 68.

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