Math Teacher Lyn Orletsky Fired

Turning Point News is reporting that the high-school math teacher who notoriously equated with swastikas the “Make America Great Again” slogan has been fired.

On September 3, TPN posted the below video on their Youtube channel showing Lynn Orletsky of Georgia telling two of her students to leave her classroom and turn their shirts inside out. When asked by another student if it was because of the word “Trump” on the shirt, she explained it was not because of Trump, but because of the “Make American Great Again” printed on front of the shirt.

She said something to the effect of: “You cannot wear a swastika to school. You cannot wear that [MAGA slogan] to school.”

After the video taken by a student went viral, the ensuing uproar culminated with the reported termination of her employment at River Ridge High School around September 7th. The school itself has not made an official statement regarding her dismissal, though a letter purportedly by the school principal informing parents of her termination was shared with reporters by an anonymous source.

News origin:

Lynn Orletsky is an Honorary Rotarian in the Cherokee County Rotary Club. Her husband Brian Orletsy affixed a rotary pin to her dress during the ceremony, in October 2015. At the time, she was a faculty advisor of the then newly chartered River Ridge HS Interact Club, sponsored by the Cherokee County Rotary Club.

That same month, the school’s drama club presented “Bang Bang You’re Dead,” a one-act play written by William Mastrosimone, with the assistance of the Spanish River Drama Department (Boca Raton, Florida) in 1999 to raise awareness of school violence and its causes.

Bang Bang You're Dead

River Ridge High School is located in Woodstock, Georgia.