Dominique Sharpton Wedding Date

Al Sharpton’s oldest daughter Dominique Sharpton will finally be married to her fiance Dr. Marcus Bright. Their registry at Bloomingdales displays a need for 188 items and a wedding date of October 15, 2017.

The two lovebirds were engaged in early July 2016.

Dominique Sharpton became widely known to the public in 2014 when she sued New York City for $5 million.

She claimed permanent injury when she tripped on uneven pavement while crossing Broome Street near Broadway on October 2, 2014. Her lawsuit faulted the city for creating a dangerous condition by not repairing the cracked pavement. Her Instagram account, however, showed her on top of a mountain in Indonesia — she hiked up to the summit.

Her wedding to Dr. Bright will be in Jamaica, New York. Only 35 days left!

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