Joe Biden’s Son Hunter Died From Drug Overdose in Suicide Attempt?

With less than 10 days to go before the presidential election, the rumor mill is churning.

The latest circulating on social media:

Hunter Biden has died of a crack overdose and Joe Biden is on his way to the hospital.

Hunter Biden Dead From Crack Overdose

Apparently, that’s the same anonymous social-media denizen who correctly reported on Jeffrey Epstein’s death by hanging ahead of everyone else.

This comes on the heels of a mega release over the weekend of graphic photos and videos of Hunter Biden engaged in various sexual perversions. The iCloud trove consists of over 27,000 images, plus about 60,000 emails and text messages showing details on how Hunter and his uncle James used Joe Biden’s political position to rake in dough from all over the world.

Biden’s campaign has already announced that the former vice president will not be attending any face-to-face events between now and Tuesday, November 3rd.


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