Lil Pump Endorses Trump to 17 Million Fans, Blasts Biden’s Tax Plan

another rapper endorses Trump

Rapper Lil Pump has backed the ‘Trump 2020’ message in an emotional, profanity-laden video, taking issue with Joe Biden’s plan to increase tax rates if elected president.

The 20-year-old hip-hop star, who released his second studio album ‘Harverd Dropout’ last year, made his endorsement in a short clip that he originally posted as an Instagram story to his 17.3 million followers on the platform at around 8:46 pm Pacific. It was quickly reuploaded on other social-media channels, including Twitter.

“What I gotta say is ‘Trump 2020’, b***h!” the artist said is an expletive-ridden tirade. He referred to Biden as ‘Sleepy Joe’ – a nickname for the former vice president coined by Trump.

In the wake of the immediate storm, Lil Pump uploaded a photo onto his Instagram at 9:58 pm Pacific showing himself with Trump.

“F**k, I look like paying an extra 33 [percent] in taxes for Biden,” Lil Pump said, apparently referring to Biden’s campaign promise to raise tax rates.

Lil Pump was less keen on the incumbent president in the past, as he tweeted“F**K DONALD TRUMP” in November 2016 when Trump won the election.

Born Gazzy Garcia in Miami, Florida, in the year 2000, Lil Pump is one of the most prominent members of the SoundCloud rap scene. He rose to popularity at the age of 17 with the single “Gucci Gang,” which peaked at number 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 and was certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America.

The above video of “Gucci Gang” has over 109 million views. Lil Pump has 17.5M subscribers on his official YouTube channel.

Last week, rapper 50 Cent caused a stir when he tweeted about his displeasure with Biden’s purported tax plan and wrote, “vote for Trump.” Responding to criticism, he said “I don’t want to be 20cent,” and that he has “never liked” Trump.

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