High School Football Player Dies Unexpectedly from Seizures

HS football player died after a sudden illness

Djemayley Vernet, 16, passed away on Saturday morning in Stamford, Connecticut.

According to family, Vernet began having seizures on Wednesday and was coughing up blood and having trouble breathing. They called for an ambulance, and he experienced two more seizures on the way to the hospital. They say he had had no health issues beforehand.

Doctors placed the young man in a medically induced coma at Stamford Hospital. A CAT scan was inconclusive as to what was causing the seizures, so he was flown to Yale New Haven Hospital, known for their Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.

Though doctors still weren’t sure what had caused the seizures, they took Vernet out of the coma, and for a while he was awake and alert, even joking to the point that he could say, “They put me to sleep.”

Unfortunately, his heart abruptly stopped on the morning of Saturday, August 6th.

Born in Haiti, Vernet played on the Stamford High football team and had just gotten his first job. He was getting ready for his junior year of high school.

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