Everipedia Misidentified Geary Danley as Las Vegas Shooter!

Geary Danley was reported by Everipedia as the name of the shooter responsible for the Las Vegas massacre on Sunday night.

His identity was likely extrapolated by listeners of police scanners who heard the name of his ex-wife Marilou Danley mentioned by authorities as a person of interest in the immediate hours following the shooting.

Marilou Danley's husband Geary

It seems however that Everipedia made a mistake and they have since edited the page.

Geary Daniel
Screenshot of earlier Geary Daniel profile on Everipedia

Geary Danley, as you can see from the profile, is known as being from Fayetteville, Arkansas​.

Based off the pages liked by Mr. Danley on Facebook, Everipedia listed him as a fan of the The Rachel Maddow Show​, Thank You Obama, Anti-Trump Army, Progressive Day, Organizing for Action, Not My President, Proud to Be A Democrat, Fight Trump, Boycott All Things Trump, and Impeach Trump.

His Facebook page is also currently showing the following among his favorites: National Women’s Law Center, Bread for the World, People’s Action, Democrats, MoveOn.org, Consumers Union, The Other 98%, Daily Kos, Left Action, The Obama White House, Environmental Defense Fund, Social Security Works, Just Label It, HealthCare.gov, U.S. Senator Al Franken

Geary and Marilou were together for 22 years before separating in April 2013. They divorced the following February.

Law enforcement have since identified the actual shooter as Stephen Paddock, the boyfriend of Marilou Danley at the time of the shooting though she herself was in the Philippines when the tragedy occurred.

A total of 59 people were killed, and hundreds more were critically injured. It was the final night of a three-day festival celebrating country music.

More details to be added as they become available.