“CookSuck” Blogger Mocked Anti-Vaxxers… Suddenly Dies at Age 41

After death, the man behind the erstwhile anonymous @CookSuck account on social media was revealed to be Darrell Beveridge, brother of Australian reality star Michael Beveridge.

Darrell Beveridge, aka Internet food police @CookSuck on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, died on June 15, 2022, at the age of 41. His family claim the cause of his unexpected death was a heart defect.

Australian blogger, swimmer dead

CookSuck was an avid runner and swimmer for many years.

Cooksuck dead

In September 2021, the Australian food blogger tweeted:

Anti-vaxxers are like people who’ve done a big shit in their pants. You’re allowed to do it, it’s very natural, and the bathroom is possibly a scam created by BigToilet™️, but the general public don’t want you in the room with them while they’re eating

CookSuck’s final post on Twitter was on May 28.

Narrator: CookSuck didn’t get the last laugh.

Darrell Beveridge’s brother Michael was a contestant on Big Brother Australia.

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