(L.A.) Carlynn De Joya, 28, Committed Suicide

Case Number: 2022-03645

Los Angeles County is reporting the death of a 28-year-old of Asian ethnicity that occurred at a residence.

The coroner’s office has identified the non-binary person as Carlynn De Joya. Born in New York.

Manner of Death: Suicide

Cause of Death: Sodium Nitrite Toxicity

RIP CARLYNN GAITE DE JOYA (January 23, 1994 – March 31, 2022)

Portland State University. Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies: Arts & Letters, 2019.

The decedent was of Filipino descent with grandparents from the Philippines.

Marlo Madlangbayan (né Carlynn Gaite de Joya), an American multimedia artist, photographer, and filmmaker of Tagalog, Ilokano, and Bikolano descent. Used “they/them” pronouns.

This is the second record of a suicide by a non-binary person that can be found in the medical examiner’s database. The first publicized suicide by a non-binary person in L.A. County was Brandon Redler in 2021.