Two Professors at Trinity University Died This Past Week

Classics professor Corinne Pache died on July 20 and history professor Carey Latimore died on July 26. They were both on the faculty of Trinity University in San Antonio.

A graduate of Hunter College and Harvard University, Doctor Pache joined the Trinity faculty in 2009. Her interests included Greek archaic poetry — especially Homer and the Homeric Hymns — Greek religion and myth, and the modern reception of ancient poetry.

Doctor Pache Classical Studies

RIP Corinne Pache (June 7, 1963 – July 20, 2022)

The cause of her death has yet to be announced.

Doctor Latimore was an esteemed voice on Black history and the African American experience. He grew up in rural Virginia raised by his parents Carey III and Ann Latimore. He received his Ph.D. from Emory University and moved to San Antonio in 2004 to take a teaching job at Trinity University, also becoming co-director of the African American Studies program there.

Dr. Carey Latimore vaxxed

Latimore was an author and ordained minister at Mt. Zion First Baptist Church, where he had been a member since 2004.

RIP Dr. Carey Latimore IV (1976 – July 26, 2022)

The cause of his death has yet to be announced.

Trinity University campus vaccination rate

In September 2021, Trinity University announced that their employees had a 99.8% vaccination rate.