Ted Nichols-Payne, 56, Collapsed in Parking Lot, Died in Hospital 💉

Nichols-Payne is known for his work as the Texas Rangers’ radio network engineer. He passed away eight months after his older sister died in her sleep.

The 56-year-old collapsed in the parking lot of Globe Life Field before Sunday’s game against Minnesota and was pronounced dead at a hospital.

Ted Nichols-Payne received his first injection of mRNA in February 2021 and reported experiencing side effects from the Pfizer product.

Ted Nichols Payne vaccination status

In March 2021, the Democrat praised President Trump for encouraging Americans to get the COVID shot.

By July 2021, Nichols-Payne was starting to feel angry at the unvaccinated.

Ted Nichols Payne facebook

His friend Ken Mendez joked, “You’re just feeling angry because of what the microchip inside of you is telling you to feel.”

Forty-nine weeks later, Nichols-Payne was gone.

Ted Nichols-Payne trusted the scientists and doctors

Notably, the older of his two sisters had just died in October 2021. Nichols-Payne described her manner of passing as “… she went to sleep and didn’t wake up.”

RIP Lydia Ruthann Mudgett (Nov 15, 1961 – Oct 25, 2021)

RIP Theodore Payne (Sep 22, 1965 – Jul 10, 2022)

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