Kim Yo Jong, Sister of Kim Jong Un, Back in Spotlight

The latest job promotion news out of North Korea…

Kim Jong-un has appointed his younger sister Kim Yo-jong (김여정) to be alternate member of the Politburo, DPRK’s highest decision-making body.

Jong-un, Jong-chul, Jong-nam, Sul-song and Yo-jong are the five known children of late North Korean leader Kim Jong-il.

Kim's sister Yeojong
Kim Yo Jong

Yojong is the younger daughter of Kim Jong-il. She was born on September 26. The South Korean government has stated she was born in the year 1987 although the U.S. State Department has reported it as 1989.

Her mother is Ko Yong-hui.


Brother and sister Jong-un and Yo-jong studied together in Switzerland from 1996 to 2000. She may have studied at the Kim Il-sung Military University after her return to Pyongyang. She also studied computer science at Kim Il-sung University.

North Korea is officially the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, abbreviated DPRK.

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