Latvia Tells Soldiers to Get Vaccinated — or Leave Army AND Refund Training Costs

Members of Latvia’s military have been given an ultimatum — get vaccinated by August 1 or leave and refund their training costs.

Leonīds Kalniņš, the commander of Latvia’s National Armed Forces, explained the conditions during an interview on LTV.

Kalniņš said that several dozen of his troops are “anti-vax” and are refusing to be vaccinated against the new coronavirus that causes COVID-19. Approximately 87% of the military are already fully vaccinated, and only 5 percent are not vaccinated at all.

The commander issued an order specifying August 1 as the deadline for individuals to decide whether they want to get vaccinated or leave the armed forces. If they do decide on the latter option, they will also have to repay the cost of their training.

Populated by barely two million people, Latvia is one of the three Baltic states, with a military manpower of 14,700 personnel.

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