Latvia bans display of the letters “Z” and “V” because of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

The Baltic country’s parliament on Thursday voted to ban public displays of the letters, saying they were symbols used for glorifying the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Russian military vehicles in Ukraine are prominently marked with the letters, and they have started appearing on social media and on clothing elsewhere in support of the war.

Letter Z on Russian military turck

Latvia’s parliament said the display of the letters with intent to justify military aggression and war crimes would be punished under the new rules with fines of up to 350 euros ($388) for individuals and up to 2,900 euros ($3,214) for companies.

The small country between Lithuania and Estonia has less than 2 million people. More than a quarter of the population are Russians.

Recently, popular military vlogger Kirill Fedorov was arrested in Latvia for treason, puportedly for the pro-Russian slant of his videos. He is a Latvian citizen of Russian ancestry.