Professor Joseph Mifsud of Malta

Who is Joseph Mifsud

Professor Joseph Mifsud (“Prof M”) is the honorary Director of the London Academy of Diplomacy and the former President of EMUNI. He was elected President of the Euro-Mediterranean University by European and Mediterranean, Rectors and Presidents of Universities in November of 2008 after the Paris Summit established Emuni and Euro-Mediterrranean higher education and research as one of the priority projects of the Union for the Mediterranean. He is a full professor at the University of Stirling and an Honorary Professor at the University of East Anglia.

Mifsud has lectured extensively throughout the world on international relations, public administration and management, public private partnerships, diplomacy and euro-mediterranean studies in Europe, Russia, Africa, USA and throughout the Mediterranean region. He has worked in a number of European and International Universities as Guest Professor, International Director and International Adviser. He has attended and chaired conferences on higher education, intercultural studies and research in Europe, USA, Russia, the Mediterranean and the Gulf. He has also been invited as a keynote speaker by the EU Parliament, the European Council, the Euro-Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly, the Union of the Mediterranean and many of the the major schools of Management, Security Studies, International Studies and Diplomacy around the world.

Mifsud has also served prominently in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Malta especially in relation to the Commonwealth and in the Mediterranean including the hosting of the Euro-Arab summit in Malta. He has also worked for the Ministry of Education in Malta as Chief Advisor between 1996 and 1998 and as Malta’s representative to the Council of Europe in Education and at Unesco where he has also organised major Ministerial and institutional meetings on pan-meditarranean intercultural dialogue. He was also vital to the EU accession of Malta, being in charge of the establishment of the European Programmes Unit. He has served as Head of Department, and as a member of the Senate of the University of Malta and was also Malta’s representative to the Bologna Follow Up Group.

Mifsud has attended and presented papers at the European University Association (EUA) and European Universities and Higher Education Institutions. He sits on a number of Boards in higher education and diplomacy, both in Europe and in the Commonwealth. He is a member of the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) and of the Valdai Group. He is also the author of a number of contributions on higher education, public and private adminstration and on Diplomacy in the Mediterranean and has recently produced the chapter on higher education and research in the Mediterranean published by the Mediterranean Annual in Spain. He has also been the convener of the London Diplomatic Forum organised every week in London and the organiser of Rome Diplomatic Week.

Mifsud is also one of the key contributors to the Moroccon Centre of Strategic Studies based in Rabat. Joseph is considered to be the founding father of the term ‘Academic Diplomacy’. His current research interests focus on the EU especially accession and enlargement, the OAS and EU relations, FDI and Diplomacy, and Diplomacy and Security, the Commonwealth, the GCC, Development, Management and Strategic Studies in the Maghreb and Mashrek regions, EU – Russia Relations, and the workings of the Organisation of American States. He is also focusing on a number of countries/regions out of Europe – the Gulf, the Middle East and North Africa, Angola, Kazakhastan, Vietnam and Myanmar. The London, Rome and Washington diplomatic journals have run features of his work in the January and February editions of 2015.

Joseph Mifsud, Director of the London Academy of Diplomacy, and Dr. Ivan Timofeev, Programme Director of the Valdai Club Foundation, discuss world energy market trends. Relations between oil-exporting countries and world centers of power are considered as a key factor. They also discussed new approaches to the mentoring of diplomats as well as their professional qualities required in the modern world.

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Regions of Experience: Europe, USA, The Middle East, Africa, Asia

Areas of Expertise: International Diplomacy, Security, Public Administration and Management

* Member of the Clinton Foundation.