Jeffree Star accused of sexual assault, violence & bribery

Multiple accusers have stepped forward to allege that beauty guru Jeffree Star, 34, has a history of sexual assault, physical violence, racist commentary and bribery.

Several people who were close to Star in the early 2000s when he was a MySpace celebrity — prior to amassing more than 17 million followers on YouTube and launching his successful makeup empire — claim that he routinely groped men in his inner circle as well as a man at his Warped Tour performances, and used a close-range stun gun tasing device on those who rejected him or whom he wanted to punish.

Star specifically denies the Warped Tour allegations, saying it was a friend and they were “jokingly touching one another.”

One such alleged incident involved a homeless teen, then-17-year-old Gage Arthur, who rejected Star at a movie theater in 2009 before staying at his apartment overnight, where Star allegedly “gave him Ambien until he was intoxicated and forcibly performed oral sex on him without his consent.”

Star’s attorney called the allegations from Arthur “false and defamatory” and said that Star has never drugged anyone for sex.

The Youtube celebrity is reportedly considering legal options.

Star is dating Andre Marhold

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